27 Sep 2016

Get Into This reviews Liverpool Psych Fest

What they say about our Rocket bands:

Josefin Öhrn and the Liberation
Josefin Öhrn and the Liberation put in one of the performances of the festival bringing tracks from her 2015 debut Horse Dance and forthcoming LP Mirage. The Stockholm-based singer, backed by tight-knit four piece band, although still very early in her musical career already feels like the real deal. Her sound is so well refined and absolutely mesmerising live. Tracks such as Take Me Beyond, Rainbow Lollipop and In Madrid combine driving krautrock drum beats with sharp electronics, soaring synth and chiming guitars to create a wall of sound. It’s incredibly dynamic, and matched with an impressive light show makes for brilliant viewing.

Gnoomes brought the gorgeous, dreamy sounds of their Repetitions EP. Sweeping soundscapes weaved between loose guitars and ethereal vocals to make a really quite hypnotic sound. Their songs seem to have this ability to put you in a trance like state while you’re listening, but to be honest, that might have had something to do with the ale.

Flowers Must Die
Bonkers psychedelic contingent Flowers Must Die had everything. They were trippy, they were folky, they were noodly. Their set also marked one of the first Psych Fest run-outs we witnessed for that classically psychedelic instrument the Theremin. So bless them for gracing us with their bizarre, unctuous sci-fi material as imagined through the dubby filter of mystic, motorik basslines.

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Aftonbladet interviews Goat

Rough translation:

Goat choose Ghost as a substitute (plus new single!)
The third full-length album from one of Sweden's most ambitious live bands, which by the way has got a fat hype abroad - Goat - lands October 7. The band has become known for its mix of afrobeat, jazz and hard rock (etc) and calls the "Requiem" for his people plate. Not unreasonably, given the flute rocking the daily fresh single "Union of mind and soul" sounds. Listen to the newly released song here and do not miss the short, funnies interview with Grademaster Fuzz below. Goat Hi! Who emailed me with? - Grandmaster Fuzz. How is the situation in the Goat-camp? - Tip top! How do you feel when you think about the album release? - It feels very pleasant. Do you feel any pressure, given the hype? - No, we never know the press. We do not know how it feels. How easy or difficult was it to get together on this album? - It was easy. Pleasurable and fun. It came by itself as usual. When was the hardest moment? - When one is ninety percent complete, it is always tough to have to make clear to the final percentage. Then you are already long since finished disc into your head and just drag it to the finish. ... And when it was the most fun? - When our singers are singing totally out of tune is pretty fun sometimes...

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Da Music reviews Goat's Requiem

Rough translation:

An album title like 'Requiem', you could infer that Goat announces his swansong, but that is reckoned worth. The Swedish rock group, which is always masked on the stage, now once something pompous statements. The band previously released two albums, namely "World Music" and "Commune". The latter record refers to the roots of the band - the group grew in his own words, after all, in a commune in the exotic Korpibompolo - but beckons in this way also to the connection between musician and music fan. 'Requiem' is Goats folk album. Folk, such as in the original sense: popular (re) music. Also: party music. Because just as the group is known for, as evidenced by the shows.

With 'Requiem', the group delivers a musical labyrinth; one that at first hearing may not seem so very accessible. But if you let mature album that you want only too happy to get lost in...

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Big Naturals play rare London show

Big Naturals have announced a rare London show playing at Cosmic Carnage at the Brixton Windmill on 28 October.

Cosmic Carnage is proud to present:


+ DJs until late

£5 in advance (£7 on the door)

28th October
Doors 7:30pm

More info here: Cosmic Carnage


26 Sep 2016

Backseat Mafia reviews Flowers Must Die at Liverpool Psych Festival

It reads:

Flowers Must Die were absolutely exceptional on the small District stage delivering probably the most ‘evolving’ performance of improvised music of the two days. Beginning with a jazz infused cacophony and gradually building the intensity to an amazing high tempo repetitive conclusion, they absolutely smashed it on the District stage.

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Listen to Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation live session on Sveriges Radio

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation recorded a live session for Sveriges Radio – and you can hear the track "The State (I'm in)" from their forthcoming album Mirage live here:

Sveriges Radio 

Mirage is released on 14 October


Soundblab reviews our Rocket All-dayer

It reads: 

Rocket recordings is, by any stretch of the imagination, one of the most vibrant record labels around, championing a pulsating roster of international acts that might broadly be categorised as psychedelic but more accurately exploring the experimental and avant-garde. Full marks then to Baba Yaga’s Hut then for getting half a dozen label-affiliated acts in one place – that place being the promoter’s main “tied house” the no-frills Corsica Studio in the Elephant and Castle, London. It also says much for the label that they could at any other time plucked another half a dozen names from their little red book and served up at least an equally strong line-up.

First two acts were Coldnose and Kuro, the former a solo table top techno surfer from London who laid down some pretty cool, understated beats designed to ease what was, at 3.30 in the afternoon, a sparse following in need of a bit of warming up. Kuro is a name you may be unfamiliar with but boy do they have pedigree. French classically... 

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